Referendum result 2016
Our Decision

The referendum

Back in 2016 the UK voted to leave the European Union.  Bassetlaw constituency voted 68.3% to LEAVE. We expected this decisive vote to be respected and delivered.  

Both Conservative and Labour Parties stood in the last General Election on a manifesto to leave the EU.  Both have betrayed our trust. 

Our Future

Leaving the EU is the Beginning

As part of my Brexit Party candidate interview I gave a presentation which I began with

'The Brexit Party isn't just about leaving the EU.  Leaving the EU is just the beginning of a bright future for the UK'

Our country WILL thrive outside the EU and I will ensure that the people of Bassetlaw benefit from this.

Our Promise

Only the brexit party can deliver a proper brexit

The last 3+ years has shown that parliament will not deliver Brexit.  The Brexit Party is the only party that is committed to delivering a PROPER Brexit and regaining our status as an independent & self governing nation.  Only the Brexit Party puts our Country first.

Our People

real people for real people

The Brexit Party is the ONLY united party where all members are fully committed to fulfilling the democratic vote of LEAVE.  Our candidates are of the highest calibre from all walks of life representing real people across the UK.  We are here to Change Politics for Good.


This video is my explanation about the truth of Boris' 'deal' with the EU.