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This year has been a journey - from politics to people.  I talk about all the candidates who are standing in Bassetlaw and why voting Brexit Party candidates into parliament is the best thing for this country.  We are the voice of the people.  The Brexit Party need to be in Parliament so the people can be heard.

bassetlaw campaign launch

This is my 'official' campaign launch speech.  I talk about why I am standing in the General Election, what would be my priorities for working for the people of Bassetlaw; our NHS, Social Care, our High Streets and much more.  Also about the other candidates and why voting for the Brexit Party is a real opportunity. 

20th November 2019 


My Candidacy for Bassetlaw

Dear Reader

There has been much interest in the national press as to whether as a Brexit Party candidate that I will be standing in the General Election.

I confirm that I have submitted my papers to Bassetlaw District Council and will be standing as the Brexit Party candidate. 

The people of Bassetlaw now have a choice. To vote for Labour a party of remain, Conservatives who have failed to deliver or me for the Brexit Party who is absolutely committed to delivering the best Brexit possible and upholding our democracy.

The fact the we have not already left the EU is a betrayal by parliament to the people.  People need to remember that a large number of Conservative MPs voted with Jeremy Corbyn to block a no deal Brexit. It is they who have betrayed the Conservative promise that ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’.

To claim that Brexit Party candidates standing will prevent Brexit is ridiculous spin pushed the Tories. They know they have betrayed the people and people are angry.

On Monday Nigel Farage made a selfless and magnanimous decision to stand down candidates in Tory held seats. They should be thankful. Many of those seats could have been won by the Brexit Party especially where their candidate has voted with Labour to block Brexit. Whose to say they won’t do it again?

Will the Tories be honourable and step down in marginals which are currently Labour held? Do they have any integrity or continue to put their party before Country?

Many people are now politically homeless and just won’t vote. 

The Tories cannot be trusted to deliver a Brexit that reflects what people voted for. With a majority they can continue to renege on their promises for another 4 years.  Brexit MPs are needed in parliament to be the true voice of the people and hold the Conservatives to account. Only the Brexit Party can and will hold them to account. So I am standing to be elected as the MP for Bassetlaw to hold them accountable.

Where Brexit Party candidates are standing the only way that people know they are supporting democracy and Brexit is to vote for them. The Brexit Party will be the voice of the people in parliament.


Debbie Soloman

Parliamentary Candidate for Bassetlaw 


Endorsement to Vote for Debbie in Bassetlaw

Brexit KiteMark goes to Debbie

Absolutely delighted I have the Brexit KiteMark recommending that all Leave voters in Bassetlaw for

Absolutely delighted that I've been given the Brexit KiteMark recommending that all Leave voters in Bassetlaw vote Brexit Party, not Conservative.

Brexit Party Election Tour launch

I had the privilege of being the first Brexit Party parliamentary candidate to speak at our Election Launch Tour 2019 

sunday politics east midlands

My appearance on the Sunday Politics East Midlands TV programme 

3rd November 2019