I am ready to work for bassetlaw to

Rejuvinate our town centers

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Town centres of Worksop, Retford and Harworth & Bircotes have struggled like most town centres from lack of footfall.  I will work to implement change to rejuvenate them and create vibrant hubs for our communities.

Invest in Bassetlaw Hospital

Our wonderful National Health Service

I'm committed to improving our NHS and community health services.  I will work to secure long term financial investment so that Bassetlaw Hospital is well placed to meet local needs.

Reduce drug and anti-social problems

Stop drug abuse

I'm committed to developing a positive action plan to make our communities safer by reducing drug problems and anti-social behaviour.

Invest in young people

Young kids taking part in activity

Young people deserve the best start.  I'm committed to ensuring we invest in the young people of Bassetlaw and their education.  I would like to see a network of youth activies available and also additional support for schools.

Invest in our regions

Increasing investment in our regions

The Brexit Party has identified £200 billion from scrapping HS2 and reducing our foreign aid budget that can be invested in our regions.  I will work to secure the fair share of that investment for Bassetlaw to bring in jobs and improve infrastructure.

Support our community

Supporting a local charity

I'm deeply committed to being involved with and working for all aspects of the community.  For veterans, community groups, young people, the elderly, special interest groups, disabled, local business owners, sports clubs and many more.  I want to help make a difference and support you.

I am Ready