Change Politics for Good

Debbie Soloman

Parliamentary Candidate for Bassetlaw



Recommended for Leave Voters in Bassetlaw


The Brexit KiteMark is a strategic endorsement that all Leave voters should vote for this candidate during the General Election.  This has been awarded to the Brexit Party and Debbie for Bassetlaw.
The Leave voting people of Bassetlaw deserve a dedicated Leave supporting MP.

The Brexit Party candidates like myself are real people standing up for real people.


As a business owner I'm hard working and know how to get things done. I will be a strong voice for democracy, our Leave vote for Brexit and the people of Bassetlaw

Leavers - DON'T vote Tory is the independent recommendation

do not split the leave vote

For Leave voters in Bassetlaw ALL the tactical voting endorsements - the independent ones that are not 'paid for' by the Tories - say to vote for the Brexit Party.  The Brexit Party will fight to deliver the proper Brexit we voted for and hold the government to account.  We are the Voice of the People.